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Once again, Caucasian does not mean white, and using it to mean white is actually racist.

There are real Caucasian people who live in the Caucasus region, and they are not white.

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Learn stuff!

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THANK YOU. Don’t call me white & don’t equate my people to whiteness. 

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if I ever see a girl in public who is clearly going for something really bold with her look (crazy hair, makeup, outfit) and looks like she’s maybe uncomfortable or nervous about rocking it, I make sure to go up to her and tell her she looks fierce. It took a lot of courage to go out like that and somebody ought to notice.

changes lives. be sure to do that at least once a day.

you’re the type of person this world needs

bless you

You wouldn’t know when I was trying to be bold, because my everyday is so blase that when I put on a dress and makeup I feel like a pinup model in the 1950’s sexualized, playboy way.

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me in 60 years

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